The 10 Best Brain Games for Adults (Improve Your Memory Like Never Before)

Best Brain Games

Brain games should be an essential add-on to the modern lifestyle. Beyond our many obligations ranging from the personal to the professional, these games are essential to recalibrate our brains and sharpen our natural skills.

Brain health is becoming a concerning issue among working adults and there is an alarming lack of awareness regarding it.

Most working individuals or middle-aged adults often find themselves facing a lack of memory, stuttered reasoning, and a growing inability to learn new tasks.

Brain games for adults are essential to train your brain with the simplest of games and puzzles.

The aim is to sharpen the necessary skills cognitively and consciously without the pressure of failure or loss.

Add any of these top 10 best adult brain games for 2020 to your schedule –

List Of The Best Brain Games For Adults

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is one of the most popular brain training games today. It is one of the few games for your brain which accurately offers a comprehensive brain profile and a customized experience for each user.

Lumosity offers more than just puzzles and games. Instead, it helps you create a personalized training regimen in tune with your daily routine.

Just like physical exercises, Lumosity emphasizes on brain exercises as a part of your daily routine.

What further sets it apart is that Lumosity collaborates with 40+ university researchers who actively participate with the application and add new training regimens.

You are not just playing common brain games. With Lumosity, you are a part of a much larger research into the human brain tested with neurological, cognitive, etc. tasks efficiently trickled down to you in the form of easy-to-play games.

Lumosity is available on iOS and Android or as a PC online brain game. You will find the UI intuitive and engaging.

It is more than a brain game; it is a program that you will benefit from overtime.

You can choose to unlock unlimited access to Lumosity for as little as $3/month or the lifetime plan for less than $250.

2. Elevate


Another one of the most popular free brain games you can use to hone your grey matter, Elevate concentrates more on educating you as a user.

Instead of puzzles and games which demand specific cognitive skills, Elevate will ask you to work through writing, reading, speaking, math, and other similar tasks.

Start off with simple tasks and advance to more difficult ones to challenge your basic analytical, reasoning, and interactive skills.

Elevate also offers a complete workout calendar and routine progress reports. Benefit from customized progression, i.e. you will advance to more difficult versions of the same task depending on your performance and skills.

This is a vital add-on, helping users access levels they can perform and make real-time progress.

Elevate is available on iOS and Android as a mobile app. It is completely free to use but you can access all its features with a tailored annual subscription plan at $39.99.

3. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is one of the best brain games for adults who would rather prefer a challenge than a laidback routine.

This is a serious brain training app that will demand sufficient mental exertion. Fit Brains Trainer incorporates 500+ training regimens and is tailored for individuals who want to devote their time to make actual improvement and engage in self-analysis.

Fit Brains Trainer will help you max out your IQ and expand to every corner of your mental capacity.

This is only for users who are interested in taking up the challenge seriously although the sleek and easy-to-use UI does make it suitable for all individuals.

Fit Brains Trainer is available on both iOS and Android platforms as a free-to-play app. It is also available as a desktop version with additional content and challenges over the mobile versions.

4. Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix

More of an educational website than a game, Brain Metrix may not deliver on UI or UX, but it does compile the best games for your brain and more.

Just like Fit Brains Trainer, Brain Metrix offers a comprehensive set of brain training games. From memory improvement games to training your reflex, Brain Metrix will push your limits.

You can access various training regimes and related games through Brain Metrix.

Choose from a wide range of categories including concentration, IQ, creativity, spatial intelligence, and more. Simply go to the Brain Metrix website and get started.

5. Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron is a likeable brain app, making games for your brain a fun activity and inspiring a routine workout rather than forcing it.

But they are more than an app and offer a complete package including 7 days of free online brain games other a brain coaching service as well.

Unlike most other apps, Happy Neuron provides brain training as a service. Available brain games are divided into 5 categories including – spatial intelligence, cognitive skills, language, memory and attention.

Happy Neuron is available both via its dedicated website and through its Android app. The subscription is available for $4.99/month with the annual package.

6. Peak


Peak is a popular and highly rated brain training app. Dedicated towards users who find little time for it, Peak has won multiple accolades for its intuitive UI, exceptional UX and vast collection of well-devised and targeted brain games for adults.

This is the one of the best brain games for adults, offering a range of engaging and easy-to-play brain games.

Compare your results with that of other users on an accurate percentile ranking system. The app will also suggest games based on your strengths and weaknesses other than deciding the difficulty gradient as well.

Peak is free to play and available as app-only on iOS and Android. You can unlock even more games for a yearly subscription of $34.99.

7. Braingle


Braingle claims to have the largest collection of online brain games, puzzles, teasers as well as a large community of users.

With more than 15,000 brain games to play, Braingle is one of the most popularly used free brain games websites online.

But there is much more to it than just a huge number of games you can try alphabetically.

Braingle has comprehensively categorized the games based on multiple brain functions and relative workouts.

Here, you get to play out high IQ games like ciphers, codes, and even trivia quizzes other than cognitive, reflex, memory improvement games, and so on.

You can even create your own brain game to have others play it and feedback. A 200,000 strong community is one of its USPs, offering a highly interactive pass time for brain workouts.

Braingle is free to use with an online account.

8. Queendom


Queendom is not your average brain game or app. It takes IQ profiling to the next level and is one of the best brain games for adults which helps individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses.

More than just brain games, Queendom offers brain ‘tools’ in the form of tests.

You can choose from a varied range of brain tools targeting specific traits such as aptitude, logic, spatial, verbal, mathematics, among others.

Test your skills and let Queendom analyze the results to help you understand how you faired and your room for improvement. Save your results easily with a snapshot or share it around.

Queendom is free to use with an online account. However, you may need to pay a fee to access premium in-depth reports.

9. Logic Grid Puzzles

Logic Grid Puzzles

Word games are among the most effective ways to improve logic and thinking. Devised by novelist Lewis Carrol, logic grid puzzles take general word games to the next level.

Imagine your crossword puzzle, merge it with Sudoku and you get close to what Logic Grid Puzzles brings to the table.

This game inspires better logical analysis and thinking while filling out a 6-grid puzzle with only basic information as word clues.

Despite the simplicity, this is one of the most challenging brain games for adults.

Logic Grid Puzzles is only available on iOS but an Android release is right around the corner. But it is free to play.

10. Eidetic


Eidetic is must-have app on your mobile if you are looking for the best memory improvement games. Beyond simple memory inducing tasks, Eidetic can help you recalibrate and train your brain to remember better.

Not only does it help you improve memory while playing, but it also teaches you simple but effective mental principles to overcome your memory losses.

Eidetic is rated highly for its brilliant UI and easy-to-use features. It works on the ‘spaced repetition’ concept, where you access a piece of information for memory and then asked to recall it at irregular random intervals.

Eidetic has won many accolades and is popularly recommended among the best games to improve memory.

Eidetic is only available on iOS. You can easily benefit from the basic version but go for the full version at only $2.99 to get the best of it.

How to Become Sharper, Smarter and Better with Brain Games?

Start by adding a brain exercising routine to your day. Avoid just working out on tasks you are not good at and concentrate on your strengths as well.

For instance, if you are good at logic and reasoning but not so with memory, work on both simultaneously to add a loss-reward balance to your brain exercise.

Also, make sure to choose the right game in tune with your daily habits. If you would rather workout in the evening after the day is done, choose a fun-to-play and laidback brain game like Elevate or Happy Neuron. Or, if you would prefer the brainstorming session to amp you up, go for the Fit Brains Trainer or Peak for a serious challenge.

Add more than just the routine brain work to your day with an off-the-charts brain game. Stay sharp and don’t let age slow you down!