23 Best Blade and Sorcery Mods To Try Right Now

Best Blade and Sorcery Mods

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Blade and Sorcery is a VR medieval fantasy combat sandbox game that focuses on physics-driven attacks.

The game was released in early access on Steam in December 2018; developer WarpFrog ultimately wanted to give the game more depth, beyond its current sandbox applications, but for now, it is strictly combat. It’s due for a full release, including adventure mode, sometime in 2021.

Players can engage in physics-based melee with enemies, employ ranged weapons such as bows, or learn to cast spells and wield magic as their weapon.

The game is currently available for the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Despite the game’s long stay in the realm of early access, it already has a ton of awesome mods available.

Whether they’re mods that give you weapons from Bloodborne or let you become a wizard from Harry Potter, mods enhance gameplay and take you to places that wouldn’t be possible with just the base game.

How Do I Install Mods for Blade and Sorcery?

Installing Blade and Sorcery mods is a similar process to installing mods for many other games. There are two ways to do it – you can install mods manually by placing the files into the game’s Streaming Assets folder or automatically using an application called Vortex Installer.

Installing Mods with the Vortex Installer

Vortex Installer is software built for managing mods for a wide range of games, including Dark Souls, Fallout, The Sims, and Stardew Valley.

It’s closely associated with Nexus Mods, one of the top mod sharing websites. Please note that Vortex is only available on Windows.  It also only works with mods that you download from Nexus mods.

First, you have to download Vortex itself; you can find it on Nexus Mods here. After that, launch Vortex and log in to sync the software with your Nexus Mods account.

From here, you can find Blade and Sorcery in your Games tab in Vortex and select Manage. Pick a mod from the Nexus mods website (we’ve got some recommendations for you later, don’t worry) and select the Vortex download method.

Your browser should prompt you to open Vortex, which will then install the mod.

Now that you have the mod installed, go into Vortex’s Mods tab, and enable the mod that you just downloaded. Congratulations! Enjoy your new mod.

Installing Mods Manually

If you get your mods from a place other than Nexus Mods, you can install your mods manually. Download the mod to your computer, where it will appear as a zip file in your Downloads folder.

Unzip the file and select the folder with the name of the mod. Move that folder into your computer’s Blade and Sorcery Streaming Assets folder.

If you’re not sure where your Streaming Assets folder is, you can find it in a few ways. If you installed Blade and Sorcery through Steam, right-click the name of the game in your Game Library and select Properties.

Go into the Local Files tab, click on Browse. Enter the BladeAndSorcery_Data folder, and there it is! Your Streaming Assets folder.

If your Steam application isn’t cooperating with you, you can find the folder in the following spot:

Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\

Once you’ve located the folder, all you have to do is place mod folders in it to install mods for Blade and Sorcery. If your mods are not working, make sure they’re in the correct folder.

How to Use Your New Mods

So you’ve installed your awesome new mods. But how do you actually use them?

In Blade and Sorcery, mods appear in a spawn book in the room that you spawn in. Walk up to the book and select the mods you want to use to spawn them into your game.

In the case of new weapons or items, they will immediately spawn for you to stash in your inventory to use later.

Best Mods for Blade and Sorcery

1. The Outer Rim – Star Wars Mod

The Outer Rim – Star Wars Mod

The Outer Rim is a total conversion Blade and Sorcery VR mod that turns the game into a Star Wars combat simulator.

It introduces weapons such as lightsabers and blasters, various armor, and custom maps to let you live out your Star Wars battle fantasies.

It also includes a wide variety of Star Wars enemies that can attack you in waves. Custom maps include iconic locations such as Mos Eisley on Tatooine, Theed on Naboo, and the Cloning Facility on Kamino.

The mod’s creator, Kingo64, has stated that they will be releasing other maps as time goes on; maps such as the interior of the Death Star and the Refinery on Mustafar. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, this mod is an absolute must-have.

2. Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Considering that the game is still in early access, it’s sometimes necessary to have a mechanical overhaul mod in your back pocket.

Slugga’s Combat Overhaul has arisen as the best mechanical mod for Blade and Sorcery thus far. The mod’s creator, Slugga17, has stated that the purpose of the mod is to tweak the combat in Blade and Sorcery with an emphasis on more balanced, realistic injuries and effects.

The mod overhauls the locational damage system, making it so that different body parts don’t take as much damage as others (for example, a hit to the head is more damaging than a hit to the leg), but a dismemberment of any type is still lethal to the target.

It also implements more accurate ragdoll physics, alterations to situations in which you would knock an enemy down or out, dynamic arrow damage, and so much more.

This mod is essential if you’re finding the underdeveloped mechanics in Blade and Sorcery’s early access version frustrating, or if you just want more realistic gameplay.

3. Katana Megapack

Katana Megapack

If all you want in life is an awesome katana to wield in Blade and Sorcery, look no further. This mod provides you with 22 different historically accurate katanas to use at your leisure.

These katanas vary in style and time period; the most well-known is the incredible Dojuigiri, the sword known as the “National Treasure of Japan” that is currently kept at the Tokyo National Museum.

These swords are no joke. The mod has recently been updated to include scabbards (also known as saya) for all the swords and to improve the handling. Sword nerds, this mod is for you.

4. Fisher’s Pistols Pack

Fisher’s Pistols Pack

We’ve got some awesome swords now, but what about guns?

Considering that Blade and Sorcery is a medieval fantasy game, the base game currently does not include any guns.

However, if guns are your thing, there are plenty of mods to help you get them. The best of the best is Fisher’s Pistols Pack, a mod that adds four unique guns to your arsenal.

The guns are a basic 9mm pistol, an Enforcer pistol, a Drakefire Flint-Lock Pistol, and an Infinity Revolver. Each gun comes with its own individual sounds, animations, and behaviors for total immersion.

The mod also includes bullets that do unique damage, an instant-kill for headshots feature, and blunt damages so that you can pistol whip your enemies.

If you’re a total gun nerd and want to include them in your Blade and Sorcery experience, look no further than Fisher’s Pistols Pack.

5. Sharp_AI

Sharp AI

We’ve talked about a lot of Blade and Sorcery mods that influence the combat mechanics and weapons available to you, but what about mods that affect the behavior of your enemies?

If you find that the NPCs in Blade and Sorcery are too predictable or easy to kill for your liking, look no further than Sharp_AI. The project is aimed at making enemies more suited to reacting to a powerful player; they will counterattack, evade your strikes, and retaliate after you hit them.

The mod also improves upon the AI’s existing attack patterns, allowing NPCs to move faster, keep a better hold on their weapons, and be more stable against punches, pushing, and kicking.

The mod’s creator, Siilk, has stated that they want to eventually include things such as NPC-to-NPC coordination and more complex reactions to the player.

The mod includes customized loadouts of enemies that fall into a variety of difficulty levels. They vary from enemies such as a swordsman that wields a broadsword or falchion to a mage that wields a lightning spell as well as some sort of melee weapon.

These enemies can be encountered in squads or in endless waves.

6. Mine and Sorcery

Mine and Sorcery

Minecraft, anyone? Unsurprisingly, the blockbuster survival building game has made an appearance as a Blade and Sorcery mod.

The mod includes a wide range of iconic Minecraft weapons, tools, and armor; everything from a set of Netherite armor to eggs and snowballs as ranged weapons.

The mod also includes a range of potions that can either be used as boons for yourself or weapons against your enemies.

Good potions include a healing potion, regeneration potion, swiftness potion, and invisibility potion. Damaging potions are things like harming potions, decay potions, and slowness potions.

As an added perk, you can use your Minecraft pickaxe to climb stone surfaces such as the outside of buildings. If you’re a fan of blending your games, the Mine and Sorcery mod is for you.

7. Witchcraft and Wizardry – Harry Potter Mod

Witchcraft and Wizardry – Harry Potter Mod

Much like the Outer Rim mod, this mod is a complete conversion mod that brings you into the world of Harry Potter.

The mod currently includes iconic items such as the Elder Wand complete with spells, the Sword of Gryffindor, and the Golden Snitch. The spells are things like Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Incendio.

As an added bonus, the mod includes two models of broomstick that allow your character to fly! You can choose between Harry’s beloved Nimbus 2000 or the more obscure Transylvanian Barb.

You can fight enemies to your heart’s content on the Quidditch Field or in Diagon Alley.

The mod’s creator, Piepop101, has expressed an intention to add more to this mod in the future, including things like various characters’ wands, extra maps like that of Hogwarts Castle, and more spells and items.

If you’re a total Potterhead, then check out this awesome mod.

8. Medieval Megapack

Medieval Megapack

Now I know what you’re thinking – “isn’t Blade and Sorcery already a medieval combat game?” And you’re right.

But what if you want a wider variety of more accurate, detailed medieval weapons? Look no further. The Medieval Megapack includes over 100 weapons and items that you or NPCs can spawn with for incredibly detailed, diverse battles.

These weapons vary greatly; a frying pan, shuriken, maces, swords of all shapes and sizes, different types of shields, a wealth of daggers, axes, bludgeoning weapons, and even a pitchfork for all your angry mob needs.

The mod also alters the behavior of different weapons; swords with different blade properties deal different types of damage in different manners, and spiked bludgeoning weapons are built to pierce chainmail.

All the basic enemies are provided with a random one-handed weapon when they spawn, so your battles are instantly provided with variety. Use this mod with Slugga’s Combat Overhaul for extra unique battles.

9. Earthbending


This mod is exactly what it sounds like. Have you ever wanted to be an Earthbender, like Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender? Now you can be.

This mod gives players the ability to launch rocks at enemies, raise walls to defend themselves, and shatter the ground beneath their feet. These abilities are gesture-based, so you can live your dreams of being a true Earthbender.

If all of this wasn’t awesome enough, the Earthbending abilities can be merged with the default spells to create different effects, including lightning spikes, flaming bullets, and even meteors.

These abilities might be a little bit hard to get a hang of, so the mod comes with a tutorial map to help you learn how to use them.

10. Iron Man Gauntlets

Iron Man Gauntlets

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to use the gauntlets from Iron Man’s suit, this mod is for you. The gauntlets basically turn you into Iron Man; they allow you to fly, shoot repulsor beams, stab enemies with a spike, and shoot enemies with a built-in Glock pistol.

This mod is incredibly simple, but very satisfying. Go forth and live your Iron Man dreams.

11. Mjolnir


There’s no medieval combat game that is complete without the power of Mjolnir. The best Blade and Sorcery Thor mod that has arisen thus far is the one created by Awonya.

The hammer functions much like it does in the Avengers films; it has a strap that you can use to swing it around and utilize its flying abilities.

It does a lot of damage and deals knockback to enemies, and it has both gravity slam and lightning capabilities.

Additionally, the hammer will return to you when you throw it with a mechanic similar to that applied to the Leviathan Axe in God of War.

The only issues with this mod is that it is completely incompatible with other Mjolnir mods, and it cannot be installed via the Vortex software.

12. Mythical Weapon Pack

Mythical Weapon Pack

If magical weapons are your thing, then the Mythical Weapon Pack is for you. This mod adds 20 magical weapons to the game.

These effects are the next level of magic in Blade and Sorcery; weapons range from a sword that drains the life of its wielder in exchange for healing through blood, a weapon that can change the allegiance of an enemy, a burning blade fueled by the souls of those its killed, and much more.

Each weapon has its own unique look and lore associated with it. Some of them have abilities that can be toggled, so that you can use them as normal weapons if you wish.

13. Fantasy Megapack

Fantasy Megapack

Want more fantasy weapons? The Fantasy Megapack has all the weapons you could ever need.

The pack includes over 90 fantasy weapons; many of these weapons have magical properties that add variety to the gameplay.

Additionally, this Blade and Sorcery mod includes NPC waves that will use these fantasy weapons to add even more dimension to your battles.

Magical weapons include volcanic weapons that can cause explosions on contact, blessed weapons that can be used to smite enemies with the power of the gods, and venomous weapons that poison the enemy and cause more damage over time.

The mod creator, Sushin, has even included instructions for mod enthusiasts to create their own weapons using the assets from this mod, so we may even see more updates with even more weapons in the future.

14. Star Wars Hero Fights

Star Wars Hero Fights

If you’ve ever daydreamed about dueling iconic Star Wars characters, then this mod is for you. The mod adds Star Wars characters that you can battle, including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Rey, Kylo Ren, and many more.

As far as we can tell, creator apct17 has no intention of stopping the updates for this mod. It is uncertain whether or not this mod is compatible with the Outer Rim total conversion mod, but the two in tandem would be an incredible gameplay experience.

15. Fire Spell

Fire Spell

The magic in Blade and Sorcery is underdeveloped at this point, but never fear – the mod community is here with a wide range of spells.

One of the best Blade and Sorcery spell mods so far is the Fire Spell mod by Davi3684. The spell can be used in the spell selector just like base spells, integrating seamlessly into existing gameplay.

You can shoot flames from your hands, launch a fireball at your enemies, and even create a spout of lava underneath your enemies’ feet!

The mod is truly destructive on the battlefield and is a must-have for anyone who enjoys the magic aspect of Blade and Sorcery.

16. Unlocked Magic

This mod is currently in alpha, but the concept is not one to be missed. The mod will eventually add fire, life, and gravity spells to your arsenal; currently, the proof of concept mod that is available has all spells producing base lightning effects instead of what they will eventually produce.

Keep this mod on your wish list as you anticipate the updates.

17. Pirates Attack

Pirates Attack

Have you ever dreamed of being a pirate?

The Pirates Attack mod for Blade and Sorcery lets you fulfill that dream. This mod adds a pirate-themed combat scenario that takes place on two ships.

You can swing on ropes between the two ships and Swashbuckle with waves of pirate-themed NPCs.

Defend your ship, use interesting weapons, and throw your enemies off the ship if you just can’t deal with them.

18. Marvel Assembled

Marvel Assembled

If you’re a huge Marvel fan and fantasize about using the weapons that your favorite heroes use, then this mod is a dream come true.

It adds a wide range of weapons and helmets that call back to equipment from various Marvel films.

Slash through enemies with Wolverine’s claws, defend yourself with Captain America’s shield, or shoot your enemies with Starlord’s Quad Blaster.

This mod requires Davi3684 and Sushin’s Magic Weapon Effects mod to work.

19. Bloodborne Firearms

Bloodborne Firearms

If you’re a fan of the unique and interesting firearms from Bloodborne, then this mod is for you. The mod includes 18 different Bloodborne guns, including the Hunter’s Blunderbuss, Evelyn, Ludwig’s Rifle, the Rifle Spear, and the Church Cannon.

Each gun has customized damage and effects upon a hit. The makers of the mod have included a list of cool Bloodborne map mods in the mod’s description for a truly authentic Bloodborne experience.

20. Dark Chains (Telekinesis)

Dark Chains (Telekinesis)

If you’re keen on being able to Force Choke your enemies, look no further than the Dark Chains mod.

It allows you to use telekinesis to choke your enemies and crush their necks. Simple, but elegant.

21. World Wars Weapons Pack

World Wars Weapons Pack

War buffs, this one is for you. This mod adds 10 weapons from WWI and WWII, from both the US and Germany.

This list includes the Colt M1911, the Karabiner98K with a bayonet, three different types of hand grenade, and a trench shovel.

The guns have different behaviors to make them as historically accurate as possible, and most have to be re-loaded, just like a real gun. For added chaos, you can imbue your bullets with fire or gravity spells.

22. Wardrobe


If you’re looking for a little bit of extra customization for your character, then the Wardrobe Mod is for you.

This mod allows you to spawn your character in outfits that are already implemented for both friendly and hostile NPCs.

The mod files include instructions on how to equip your outfits, as well as how to alter the outfits if you so choose.

23. ArcherHelper


If you have a little trouble with the current in-game archery mechanics, this mod can help.  The mod spawns an indicator to mark the position where your ammunition hit so that you can tell where it is, even if you shot from a far place.

It’s meant to be helpful for archer training and improving your skills in ranged combat.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! Even though Blade and Sorcery is still in early access, the mod community surrounding it is in full swing. Who knows what amazing Blade and Sorcery mods will emerge as the game becomes more and more developed?