Best Bat Pokémon Analyzed & Ranked For You

Bat Pokémon

Pokémon has entertained its fans over the years with intriguing and cute characters. Unfortunately, bats were ignored, resulting in us getting fewer Pokémon that resemble or are based on bats.

Bats are typecast as ugly and uninteresting creatures. The reputation of bats reached even lower when people learned that they are breeding grounds for diseases like SARS and Ebola.

Fortunately, bat lovers do exist in the Pokémon world – Brock had a really powerful Zubat besides the majestic Onix!

There are many types of bat Pokémon ranging from Dark to Poison-type including a Legendary Pokémon. Every movie figuring a cave, or an unexplored territory is infested with bats, Pokémon games follow the same concept.

You can find bats in games while exploring a dark tunnel or a cave. Bats are one of the coolest designed Pokémon and they are quite powerful too as flying type Pokémon.

Here is our list of 11 Best Bat Pokémon and ranked them based on resemblance, cuteness, and abilities.

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1. Crobat

Crobat purple bat like pokemon

One of the earliest bat-like Pokémon introduced in Generation II as a Poison/Flying-type purple bat Pokémon. It is the final form attained when Golbat is leveled up with high friendship. It has a total base stat of over 535 and can fly long distances. Most of its body parts such as wings, long pointy ears, etc. are very similar to bats. Its hidden ability is Infiltrator that is useful to pass through the opponent’s defense.

The extra pair of wings empowers it to fly faster and for longer durations. Crobat is a silent flier and has sharp fangs that can cause damage to even the sharpest armours. This is a rare Pokémon to catch!

2. Guzzlord


Guzzlord was introduced in Generation VII as a Dark/Dragon-type Pokémon. It has a total base stat of 570 and is a voracious eater. It is one of the Ultra Beasts, creatures that are interdimensional and come from outer space. This Pokémon has a minimal resemblance to bats since it’s from outer space. It has 2 pairs of wings, one above its eyes and another the sides of the body that are remarkably similar to the wings of a bat.

Guzzlord is the second most powerful bat-inspired Pokémon with destructive abilities such as Beast Boost. It is nicknamed Glutton in the Pokémon universe as it can devour a whole mountain or several buildings depending if it is somehow hungry!

3. Golbat


This is the intermediate evolution attained by Zubat after it reaches level 22. Golbat has a total base stat of 455 and was introduced in Generation I as a Poison/Flying-type blue bat Pokémon. It has a big mouth to boost its supersonic waves. The pointy ears and wings are based on bats. Although it is not as powerful as Crobat, it can still hold its ground with a strong bite attack. It also has an edge over Crobat regarding similarity to bats!

4. Woobat


Woobat was introduced in Generation V as a Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon with a total base stat of 323. It is a greenish-blue and cute bat Pokémon that looks like a Honduran White Bat. It is a fan-favorite among the girls because of its abilities such as leaving heart-shaped marks on the cave walls. These marks when left on the trainer’s body are known to change their fortune. It evolves into Swoobat when it levels up with high friendship.

5. Swoobat


Swoobat was introduced in Generation V as a Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon. It has a base stat of over 435 and is an altruistic Pokémon. It seems to borrow features from a fruit bat and a heart-nosed bat. Swoobat’s evolution process is similar to Crobat, as the final evolved form is attained by leveling with high friendship.

It retains the heart-shaped nose from its pre-evolved stage, Woobat. Swoobat can destroy concrete structures by generating sound waves from wagging its tail. However, this ability can easily exhaust it and hinders its flying abilities until it recovers. The Swoobat family is the only known Pokemon sect that can learn Simple Beam in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

6. Gligar


This purple bat Pokémon has its roots from Generation II. Gligar is a goofy Pokémon of Ground/Flying nature with a total base stat over 430. Unlike Gliscor, this Pokémon bears a close resemblance to scorpionflies, bats, and gargoyles. One look at it makes you believe that it’s just a scorpion with flying abilities. It feeds on berries and uses sound waves to dodge obstacles.

Gligar has one of the best defensive stats among the bat-like Pokémon. This Pokémon can glide effortlessly and can startle its prey by attacking them head-on.

Gligar’s signature ability Sand Veil makes it immune to Sandstorm attacks and Hyper Cutter ability lowers the attack stats of its opponents.

7. Gliscor


Gliscor was introduced in Generation IV as a Ground/Flying-type Pokémon. It has a total base stat of 510 and is the final evolved form of Gligar. When Gligar is leveled up at night while holding a Razor Fang, it evolves into Gliscor. It is one of the coolest Vampire-looking Pokémon!

Its defensive abilities are now supported by the exceptional attack and speed abilities. It also has an ace up its sleeve, i.e., turning poison attacks to heal its wounds.

It can also learn to use the highest number of high critical-hit ratio moves among all Pokemon, as many as 7! (Just why it is at number 7!)

8. Noibat

Noibat bat type pokemon

Noibat was introduced in Generation VI as a Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon. It has a total base stat of 245 and is a pale purple bat Pokémon. It is based on a bat with its ears largely inspired by them. Unfortunately, Noibat is one of the weakest Dragon-type Pokémon. Fortunately, it evolves into a much stronger Pokémon.

The big ears that look like loudspeakers help it in echolocation and can emit ultrasonic waves of up to 200,000 Hz. These high-frequency waves can easily immobilize prey and stun larger Pokémon. Noibat can also produce any desired wavelength of sound depending on the situation. Once at level 48, Noibat can be evolved into the powerful Pokémon up next!

9. Noivern

Noivern bat pokemon

Noivern was introduced in Generation VI as a Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon. It is the final evolved form of Noibat. It has a total base stat of 535 and is an immensely powerful bat Pokémon. It is highly short-tempered but can be tamed easily by offering its favorite ripe fruit.

Noivern’s combat prowess enables it to effortlessly dominate over smaller Pokémon. It can generate ultrasonic waves that can obliterate large boulders. Apart from Legendary Pokémon and Ultra beasts, this the strongest bat Pokémon to exist.

However, it has a bad reputation and is rated as extremely rare. You can only get a Noivern when you evolve it from Noibat!

10. Zubat


Zubat was introduced in Generation I as a Poison/Flying Pokémon. It has a total base stat of 245 and is the weakest bat Pokémon in this list. Fortunately, it has great evolution forms. It ranks first in the list (excluding the Legendary Pokémon) because of its high resemblance to bats. It was the first bat Pokémon introduced by the franchise and is immensely popular among bat lovers.

Unlike its evolved forms, Zubat doesn’t have eyes or nostrils and purely depends on echolocation for navigation. Like vampires in the movies, prolonged exposure to sunlight can even burn its skin. The good thing is that when trained well it can even survive Solar Beams from powerful Pokémon. It also forms colonies in dark places and attacks trespassers.

The Legendary Pokémon in the franchise has gained so much prominence over the years that the list keeps increasing every generation. The insane power level of these creatures and rarity makes it one of the most preferred Pokémon in games.

11. Lunala


Lunala was introduced in Generation VII as Psychic/Ghost-type Legendary Pokémon. It evolves from Cosmoem at level 53. It has a total base stat of over 680 and is the official mascot for the game, Pokémon Moon.

It looks like a skeletal, legless bat with massive wings. We know that psychic Pokémon are significantly more powerful than other types and are vulnerable to Ghost-type Pokémon. Lunala is a combination of Psychic and Ghost nature that makes it one of the toughest Pokémon to battle.

Lunala can channel moonlight to wield powerful attacks, as a result, it is known as the Emissary of the Moon in the Alola region. Like the powerful Hindu God, Shiva, it can also open its third eye.

It is believed to live in another world, and it can return there after opening its third eye. It can also create Ultra Wormholes that enable it to travel to the world of Ultra Beasts.

In Conclusion

We hope you liked our list of bat-like Pokémon. We expect future generations to include more bat-like or bat-themed Pokémon, fingers crossed!