Aim Controllers Review- Are The Paddles Worth The Money?

Aim Controllers Review

When it comes to the choice of controller PlayStation fans have always gotten the short end of the straw. The DualShock and DualSense may be great controllers but there’s not much choice beyond that.

There is no official Sony version of the Xbox Elite controller and that sucks.

If you’re a PlayStation gamer you well may find yourself stuck trawling through second and third-party sites trying to find the Elite equivalent.

Aim Controllers

One of the first options you’ll find is Aim controllers. They’re one of the biggest and best controller modifiers out there. However, they have a reputation for being pricey. 

You can check them out on their site.

Are they really worth the money?

Let’s Find out. 

Aim Controllers Review Round-Up

1. Aim Controller PS4 Review


  • Full cosmetic customizability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Aim controller paddles
  • Smart Triggers
  • Smart Bumpers

The PS4 has been around for a fair while now but it can be a total pain in the butt finding good options for controllers if you’re not happy with the stock DualShock.

I like the stock DualShock 4, but then again I’m not really a competitive or pro gamer. If I get a positive K/D ratio in COD it’s time to crack one open and celebrate.

However, lots of gamers complain about the DualShock ergonomics (it can be a little slippery), thumbsticks, and triggers. They have a relatively slow actuation.

This is where Aim comes in. They take the stock Sony-built body and add in some nice extras. Some of these are purely cosmetic, some are aimed at increasing performance.

We’ll start with performance mods as they are likely the reason you’re here.

Firstly, the Aim controller comes with a range of thumbstick options. We get 3 height options for the PS4 style of the thumbstick.

Alternatively, you can swap out the PS4 style completely and go with an Xbox one style stick. This is pretty cool since many gamers prefer the Xbox One stick shape.

Cooler still, you can choose different options for right and left. A shorter stick is great for precise aim, whilst a taller stick can be useful for general movement or driving games.

Why not have a tall left stick for player movement and a short right stick for aiming?

Second, comes the Aim grips. These are a rubberized, colored coating for the back of the shell that makes the controller less slippery.

This makes the controller comfortable to hold for longer sessions whilst also cutting down a controller covered in slippery gamer grease.

Aim Controller PS4

The third and fourth come in together with the smart Triggers and Bumpers. These are ideal for the competitive FPS gamers out there.

They reduce the actuation down to just 1mm, a pretty huge change compared to the stock controller.

Aim Controller PS4 smart Triggers and Bumpers

Much shorter actuation means much faster reaction times (who shot first? You!) and means you can rapid-fire with semi-automatic single-shot weapons much faster.

However, they come with a downside that Aim doesn’t make clear and they REALLY should. These smart bumpers and triggers only work with FPS games.

They make any driving game unplayable as you’ll only ever have 100% acceleration. For this kind of money, this should be made MUCH clearer.

Finally, we come to the main event, the Aim controller paddles. This is a set of four paddles that attach to the rear of the controller. The default option has them mapped to the action buttons but for an extra charge, they can be made remappable. 

The paddles are an absolute game-changer. They allow you to access the action buttons without your thumb having to leave the right stick.

So, for example, you can jump and aim at the same time now. They’re a big enough improvement that  I honestly don’t know why console manufacturers haven’t been adding rear buttons as standard.

Aim Controller PS4 paddles

An Aim controller with all performance options and no cosmetics will set you back around $240.

Aim also allows you to customize what your controller looks like and there are lots of options.

If you’re not artistically minded the safest option is probably to choose one of their pre-designed controllers and then just adjust it in the controller builder with whichever performance mods you’d like. For example:

pre-designed Aim Controller PS4

However, if you’re feeling brave you can design your controller from the ground up.

You can change the front shell panel, buttons color, stick base colors, touchpad color, lightbar, and trigger/ bumper colors.

That’s a lot of changes. Each option comes with an impressive number of options too (you can even add RGB!)

So, you can go from this: 

Aim Controller PS4 without Customization

To something like this:

Aim Controller PS4 with Customization
Aim Controller PS4 with Customization Back side

The design UI is also just super easy to use compared to some other sites. I’ve experienced no lag or glitches either.

The only downside is creating a design that looks good with matching colors isn’t all that easy. The Aim Grips could do with more color options as they clash with a lot of the cooler skins.

Fully customized Aim Controller price: Just over $400 or $460 with quick build time. 

Find it here


  • Great level of customizability
  • Paddles are a life changer
  • Smart Bumpers/Triggers great for FPS
  • Thumbsticks heights are very useful
  • Measurable improvement to gaming performance


  • Very high Price
  • Upgrades Poorly explained
  • Part prices not listed in UI
  • Smart Bumpers/Triggers only for FPS games

2. Aim Controller PS5 Review


  • Full cosmetic customizability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Aim controller paddles
  • Smart Triggers
  • Smart Bumpers

If an alternative PS4 controller can be a pain to find then custom Dual sense controllers can feel like gold dust.

There aren’t many options out there. However, if you have the money then once again Aim is here to help.

The keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed I just ctrl C’ed and V’ed the features list for the PS4 model.

Simply put, everything Aim does with one they do with the other. The Dualsense comes with the same options for thumbsticks,bad-looking smart bumpers/ triggers, and mappable paddles.

Controller PS5 Review

The Dualsense also features the same level of cosmetic options. 

Meaning you go from this old bore:

Controller PS5 without Customization

To something a little more like this:

Controller PS5 with Customization
Controller PS5 with Customization Back side

As such you can apply everything I said about the PS4 controller and apply it to the Dualsense. However, there are some caveats. 

One of the main selling points of the PS5 is the Dualsense. The stock Dualsense comes with some pretty cool features:

  • Haptic Feedback
  • Adaptive Triggers

Haptic Feedback is the fancy vibration that makes games feel much more immersive. For example, accurately simulating weapon recoil.

The Adaptive triggers vary the level of force needed for actuation. This means they can mimic a weapon trigger or car’s gas pedal more realistically. 

If you fully modify your Aim controller you lose these features. They’re not disabled, they’re gone.

Likewise, the fancy bumpers and triggers mean your controller will likely only work FPS games. You’re paying to LOSE functionality.

If you have enough money for multiple controllers this isn’t such a big issue, you can have dedicated controllers for dedicated games.

But if you don’t have a controller budget that runs into triple digits it becomes more of a problem.

I would suggest opting for the awesome paddles and nice cosmetic customization but in this case, avoid the smart bumpers/triggers unless you have the money for multiple controllers.

A fully modified Aim DualSense will hit you for around $420 or $480 for fast shipping.

Curious? Get one here


  • Great level of customizability
  • Paddles are a life changer
  • Smart Bumpers/Triggers great for FPS
  • Thumbsticks heights are very useful
  • Measurable improvement to gaming performance


  • Expensive
  • Upgrades Poorly explained
  • Part prices not listed in UI
  • Smart Bumpers/Triggers only for FPS games
  • Controller can end up losing functionality

3. Aim Xbox Series X Controller Review


  • Full cosmetic customizability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Aim controller paddles
  • Smart Triggers

Once again you’ll see the features list is incredibly similar. The Aim Xbox Series X controllers feature most of the options that the PlayStation models do.

But there are a couple of exceptions. There are no options for smart bumpers and the Aim controller paddles are not remappable. 

To be honest this controller is a little baffling. I can only think it’s aimed at people who haven’t heard of the Elite series 2 that does everything the Aim controller does, way more, for way less money.

It’s not just a better controller, it’s better value for money.

The only possible reason I can see for buying an Aim version is for the cosmetic options which are still impressive.

So once again you can go from this:

Aim Xbox Series X Controller Review

To something with a little more flavor:

Aim Xbox Series X Controller with Customization Backside

However, seriously save your money and buy the Elite. It’s not bad-looking.

A fully customized Aim series X controller will cost you around $330. There is no fast build option.

Interested? Buy one here


  • Great cosmetic customizability
  • Paddles are still great
  • Ergonomics grips really make a difference


  • Expensive compared to the competition
  • Can’t remap paddles
  • Buy an Elite series 2 instead

Aim Controllers Review: Verdict

I’m going to start positive. If you have the money and are in the market for a custom PS4 controller you can’t go wrong with Aim. Everything feels great including build quality. If you’re an FPS player the performance mods make a big difference. 

If you’re playing on the PS5 though then the Aim is more difficult to recommend. The paddles are great but the other performance mods just take away too much functionality for me. If you can afford multiple controllers then go ahead but it all still feels a little wasteful.

Finally, if you’re playing on Xbox I can only recommend the Aim controllers for their cosmetic customizations. In every other way, the Elite series 2 is far superior, cheaper, and comes with more options. It is STILL the gold standard. 

For the money, Aim is charging I definitely think they need to be more transparent. At no point in the building process did I see warnings about the DualSense’s loss of functionality.

Nor did I see warnings about the smart triggers only working with FPS games. The main reason I know this is because I write controller reviews. 

This is unacceptable. Other controller builders do a much better job of explaining these things to their customers.

Likewise, Aim could be more transparent with its price breakdowns. Unless you’re good at mental arithmetic there’s no easy way to work out how much each part is costing you. 

To summarize, if you have the money then Aim controllers are great, they are some of the best on the market. Especially if you’re looking for customizability. 

However, as so often the case there are cheaper alternatives out there that do pretty much the same thing.

Great Alternatives to Aim Controllers


Q. Are PS4 Aim Controllers worth it?

There’s no getting around the fact that they are expensive. But they do offer a level of customization that PlayStation fans often don’t get compared to Xbox fans. There are cheaper options but if you have the money Aim controllers are worth it

Q. Do Aim controllers come with a warranty?

Yes! It’s a pretty generous one. Aim controllers come with a lifetime warranty. This is way better than most custom controller builders.

Of course, you should read the terms and conditions very carefully but it’s a pretty solid offer.

Q. Do Aim controllers have aim assist?

Nope. Bad news for the cheaters out there. Aim controllers come with some cool little add-ons but there are no hacks here.

Q. Are Aim controllers modded?

They only have physical mods. You can choose to modify the triggers or add extra paddles etc. There is no added modchip here, such as with Controller Chaos controllers to enable hacks. 

Q. How do I connect my Aim controller to PS5?

The same way you would connect your normal PS5 controller. Just hold down the PS button and let it sync. Just remember this isn’t backward compatible like with Xbox controllers. A PS4 Aim controller won’t work with a PS5.