AdBlock Not Working on Twitch – 12 Easy & Quick Fixes

AdBlock not working on Twitch

Many reasons could be responsible for AdBlock not working on Twitch. Twitch offers awesome content, but sometimes these contents are ruined by annoying ads.

Although these ads are there to help Twitch generate revenue, they often get in the way of seamless streams.

So, if your AdBlock stopped working on Twitch, this guide would show you how to resolve it or proffer a workaround.

Possible Reasons Why Twitch AdBlock isn’t working

Old AdBlock version

The most common reason is often due to an old AdBlock version. Noticeable features in most updates are new interfaces; however, many updates are equipped to fix bugs and are optimized to meet the latest industry technology standard. Therefore, an outdated AdBlocker is likely lacking in new features to combat the ever-developing advertisement industry.

Incorrect AdBlock settings

A wrongly configured AdBlock settings could be a culprit.

Wrong Chrome settings

If Chrome isn’t properly configured to work with AdBlock, you are likely to experience issues.

Extensions conflict

If AdBlock conflicts with another extension on your browser, this could stop AdBlock from functioning, leading to Twitch ads penetrating through the AdBlock extension shield.

Ads in Streams

It is quite difficult to block ads Twitch inserts into streams. Although AdBlock does try to, it may sometimes fall short; however, there’s a workaround.

Easy Fixes for AdBlock not Working on Twitch

1. Update AdBlock

Like we’ve deduced, an outdated AdBlock extension could be responsible for the issue. Usually, extensions on most browsers are automatically updated; however, a glitch must have happened. Follow the steps below to check if you are using an outdated AdBlock extension.

  • Launch your Chrome browser and paste in chrome://extensions in your address bar, then hit Enter. Alternatively, you can access the extensions page by clicking on Menu (top right corner) then More Tools > Extensions.
Chrome Extensions Option
  • Toggle on Developers Mode at the top right corner.
  • Finally, click the Update button in the upper left corner.
Chrome Extensions Update button
  • Restart your browser, access Twitch, and check if the problem persists.

2. Switch Browsers

Brave Browsers

Most times, the error might be unique to your browser. A simple fix would be to switch it. If AdBlock works on the new browser, then the problem is from the former.

In this case, you should try solution one or other solutions below.

Aside from the popular browsers, we are used to, worthy options are out there, and Brave browser is one of them.

It is a renowned browser for blocking ads on Twitch and on other sites. Brave is equipped to block ads and website trackers.

3. Configure AdBlock settings for Twitch

Usually, AdBlock extensions would start working once they hit the ground and would block as many ads as possible; however, most have a separate setting to reduce ads on Twitch; this setting is rarely enabled by default.

  • Launch your browser and click on the AdBlock extension icon at the top right corner.
AdBlock extension icon
  • From the drop-down AdBlock window, click the Settings menu often represented with a gear icon.
AdBlock Settings
  • While in AdBlock settings, click the General option from the left pane, then uncheck the box next to Allow Acceptable Ads.
AdBlock  General option
  • Restart your browser and check if the problem persists.

4. Change Chrome advanced settings

Inaccurate Chrome settings could affect your AdBlock extension. For example, network service in chrome runs a different process that the AdBlock extension can’t access; follow the steps below to make this process available to your ad blocking extension.

  • Launch your Chrome browser and copy and paste chrome://flags in the address bar, then hit Enter.
  • From the search box there, type in Network service
Network service
  • Locate Runs network service in-process, and Data reduction proxy with network service then Disable both.
Disable services
  • Save changes, then restart the browser and check if the problem is solved. If it is, always configure these settings after every Chrome update.

5. Check for extensions conflicts

Many users believe having multiple ad-blocking extensions on your browser would be advantageous; however, this ends up being counterproductive.

Many ads blocking extensions on one browser leads to conflicts and sucking too many resources without giving the desired results.

  • Go to your extensions page by opening the Chrome menu at the top right, then clicking on More Tools next Extensions.
Chrome Extensions Option
  • Go through your extensions there and disable any ad blocking extension except AdBlock.
  • When done, restart your browser, open Twitch, and see if the problem persists.

6. Try HLS AdBlock

Typically, Twitch inserts ads whenever you start watching a new channel. These ads are directly injected into the HLS stream; they do this with the m3u8 playlist.

If you can’t still block ads on Twitch with the usual AdBlock extension, then bringing in the HLS AdBlock extension might do the trick. HLS AdBlock will edit the m3u8 playlist, which in turn stops it from requesting an ad.

  • Follow this link to download the HLS AdBlock app.
  • Next, upload the extension into your browser. Here’s how to do it.

For Chrome users

  • Unzip the file, follow this file path after launching Chrome, chrome://extensions, or Menu > More Tools > Extensions.
  • Switch on Developers Mode, then click the Load unpacked button.
  • With your Windows Explorer, locate the folder the extension is then select and upload it. Next, relaunch Chrome.

For Firefox users

  • Open your Firefox browser and follow this path about:addons
  • Open the HLS AdBlock extension.

Finally, check if the issue appears again.

7. Filter out Twitch ads on AdBlock

Another way to resolve AdBlock not working on Twitch is by completely filtering out or blacklisting Twitch ads on AdBlock. With the Filter feature, you can blacklist or whitelist specific lists.

  • Launch Chrome and click on the AdBlock extension icon at the top right.
AdBlock extension icon
  • Open AdBlock settings from the gear icon.
AdBlock Settings
  • Select the Customize option at the left pane or Advanced.
AdBlock  Plus Advanced Setting
  • Click the red Edit button next to the Manually edit your filters headers.
  • Copy and paste the list below into the text field provided. Paste the list one after the other then hit Add after each entry.
Filter List
  • Restart your browser and try accessing Twitch

8. Try an Alternative Player

Alternative Player

Formerly known as Twitch 5, Alternate Player for is an extension equipped to tune down the number of ads present on Twitch, in case AdBlock is not working.

It removes most streams from Twitch, and you can adjust it to be compatible with your web connection. It also enables you to view your Twitch stream on another video Player like VLC Media Player, MX Player, or any other.

  • Download Alternate Player for for your desired browser.

9. Get Streamlink Twitch GUI

Streamlink Twitch GUI

If AdBlock isn’t working on Twitch, consider this method. Streamlink Twitch GUI is built on HTML (Handlebars), CSS (LessCSS), and JavaScript (EmberJS) and is run by a Node.js browser built on Chromium framework.

With this web app, you could watch streams on any media player of your choice, which brings about a seamless playback. Above all, Streamlink Twitch GUI bypasses all ads.

  • Download Streamlink Twitch GUI from here. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Run the installation, launch it, and check if the problem persists.

10. Try other extensions

AdGuard AdBlocker

If AdBlock is not working, you could try its alternatives. There are other adblocking services that are known to block ads on Twitch.

  • Adguard: It is known to block rich media ads, video ads, banner ads, and much more. Twitch often uses AdBlock circumvention scripts; AdGuard is equipped to tackle this.
  • uMatrix: uMatrix is equipped to block iframes, ads, random scripts. You can also customize it to restrict specific browser requests. When configured properly, almost no ad can bypass it.
  • Ublock Origin: This extension for a start is a lightweight extension that doesn’t demand much resources from your memory and CPU. It creates filters from host files.
  • TTV LOL: TTV LOL is quite popular amongst Twitch users and is renowned for blocking Twitch ads and the annoying Purple Screen of Death on Twitch.

11. Use Android Emulator

Android Emulator

If Twitch AdBlock is not working despite trying the solutions above, you should try an Android emulator.

Twitch doesn’t offer web view features; however, you can use the Twitch mobile app. Alternatively, you can make use of an Android emulator. There are many emulators to pick from; BlueStacks is famous.

Another Android workaround is, access Twitch on its Android app, then when an ad starts playing, click on Learn More, and quickly press the back button when the ads’ redirects you.

12. Switch to Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo

Finally, you can simply use Twitch Turbo. Typically, Twitch is free, but they offer a subscription service that relaxes the advertisements so that you don’t need AdBlock in the first place!

  • Visit the Twitch Turbo Subscription page and make the purchase.
  • Access Twitch and enjoy!


If your AdBlock is not working on Twitch, this guide offers 10+ solutions to try. First, you should consider updating your AdBlock extension, then you may try switching your browser, setting up filters, installing HLS AdBlock, making use of Streamlink Twitch GUI or other solutions above.  Although unlikely, If every solution doesn’t work, you should subscribe to Twitch Turbo. Thank you for stopping by; share with us what worked for you.


Q. How do I block ads on Twitch?

You can block ads on Twitch by using advertisement blocking extensions like AdBlock, AdGuard, uMatrix, etc. Also, you can make use of Alternate Player for or get a Streamlink Twitch GUI. Better still, you can subscribe to Twitch Turbo and avoid the need for adblocking with AdBlock!

Q. Does AdBlock still work on Twitch?

Yes, it does. However, even though it is set up to work immediately after installations, you may need to configure a few settings on the extension or fully blacklist Twitch ads triggers through the extension’s advanced settings.