About Us

From Gamers. For Gamers.

GameStyle is a passion project to benefit gamers.

What started with a small group of casual gaming and content creation has now grown into a shared portal including 10+ contributors, mostly pro gamers now!

Beyond Gaming Journalism

GameStyle is for pure gaming. No incentivized content. No bias. No boring walkthroughs and random reviews.

We create gaming content you want and need. But that’s only half of the story.

Gaming can be a serious side gig. We know this and we want to help you get there!

At GameStyle, we aim to bridge the gap between competitive casual gaming and pro gaming. It’s not easy but it is not impossible if you know where to start and how to make it through.

Even gaming comes with best practices. If you want to be a serious gamer, you need to know the best games to play, learn top skills, have the right gaming setup, and a lot more. Just where we can help!

How Can GameStyle Help

Gaming Done Right

Get proper gaming tips and tricks from pro gamers. From must-have Fortnite skills, DOTA 2 tourney tips, to buying a budget streaming setup – we can help you do all this.


We have been there, and we know how to get past the early stages!

We Know What’s Going On!

Get this – the gaming industry is actually in a state of stagnant denial. Tune in to any page about pro gaming and they will say that earning professionally as a gamer is too competitive.

Well, no. It’s not easy but it’s not that competitive to not give it a go!

This is the gaming journalism you need to stay away from.

No, you don’t need a gaming laptop worth 2 grands to play Valhalla. Yes, you can buy games at discounted prices from shady websites most gaming portals say you should not!

The Latest

Get the next big trend in gaming before it starts hitting the headlines. Our top contributors are not just good at gaming, they know this industry inside out. They can smell the next big game, major game update, newest gaming tech at least a week before it bursts out!

Our Team

The GameStyle team includes gamers and content creators working together to give you the gaming content you always wanted.

We typically spend the mornings on research and content creation. Past evening, you may just find us streaming or chilling on Discord!