What is a VPN Service?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a group of computers or networks connected or networked together over the internet. VPNs are usually used by businesses to connect their computers and communicate with data centers that are located remotely. VPNs can also be used by private individuals to protect their privacy when they connect to the internet using an untrusted public network by encrypting their data communications. VPNs are also useful in accessing resources from a remote network even if the user is not on the same Local area Network (LAN) physically.


To use a VPN, two elements are needed. First, you will need a VPN client that you can launch and use to connect to the private network. Second, a VPN server is a remote computer that will receive the request from your VPN client to establish a secure, encrypted connection with the private network. The communication between your computer and the remote server computer will only need to undergo processes of verification and authentication before they could successfully establish a secure connection, in a very short time.