Top 5 VPNs for Online Gaming You Don’t Want To Miss

Virtual Private Network or VPN for short is something every gamer should have. What? Never heard of it?

A VPN is an internet service provider that guarantees you security from cyber-attacks. Online gaming is full of hackers looking for a way into your computer and personal information. Let’s admit it that our firewall can’t defend us from the real hackers.

On top of that, we gamers like to spend lots of cash on our games. And wouldn’t we? Have you looked at all those cool VIP items they offer in the shop?

We all know where there is money, security issues are bound to come up. So, if you play the games through a VPN, your security issues will disappear just like that unless, of course, you are using some fake and ill-reputed VPN.

That’s why for all the gaming fans out there we have compiled a short list of the top 5 VPNs for online gaming you don’t want to miss.


NordVPN has made it to the top of our list. In a while, you’d get to know why. The first reason is it’s absolutely easy to use. Just click and you’re ready to go.

Then, there are the features that every good VPN should provide you with. You get a secure connection to the internet. No more worries about hacking or losing your private information.

With its double data encryption, there is no way anyone can tap into your information. It’s the best security you can get in the entire industry.

You’re bound to get the most of your gaming experience using NordVPN with its lightning fast servers ready to get you into action. And the fun doesn’t end here. You get to enjoy the speed wherever you are on the earth.

To give you a better idea of what security feels like, NordVPN provides you with a no logs policy. This, when combined with instant kill switch, gives you the ultimate security.



ipvanishThe second VPN on our list is none other than IPVanish. Quite easy to guess what their main target is from the name alone.

So, if you’re looking for some way to keep your online surfing private, then IPVanish can be your best bet. The site offers many other services as well.

They’ve got 25,000+ IPs on the go. And can provide you service in over 60 countries, so that’s pretty much anywhere around the world.

Then the speed is incredible as they’ve got more than 180 servers powering up their network. It’s sure to enhance your gaming experience. Even multiplayer sessions will become more of an adventure when you don’t get to many hiccups on the network.

Moreover, using IPVanish, you can access any blocked website from anywhere on the globe. Ready to watch Netflix, BBC and ITV then?

Wanted to watch that new movie? But your PC can’t take run it the way you want? Try IPVanish to get better video streaming.



purevpnNext in line is pureVPN with its over 350 servers on the go. You can enjoy the services as an expert gamer or a newbie alike. The options are just designed that way.

If you’re using it, just relax because their fool-proof security measures deflect any cyber-attacks. Along with that, no one can invade your privacy by spying on you. In fact, your online presence doesn’t even show.

Its network reaches out to more than 74 countries around the world. It’s safe. It’s secure. And it’s all yours use after you download it.

On the not so great side, pureVPN is not cost effective. So if budget is your main consideration, then you might want to look elsewhere.

But after looking at the fact that more than 10,000 people are using it you get a safe feeling about it. You might feel a bit overwhelmed by taking a look at the website for the first time. But trust me, it gets a lot easier once you get used to it.



expressvpnAt number 4 we have ExpressVPN. It’s a feature-packed option for any gamer with its coverage in more than 94 countries. It’s got a server in over 78 countries all adding to the computing power of the network.

Again, like its fellow competitors ExpressVPN provides you with a high speed, secure and private connection to the internet. In any case, it’s better than a public Wi-Fi.

Whether its high-speed video streaming or watching a restricted website like ITV or Netflix, ExpressVPN has got it all.

Then, there is that cool option of using the software on either Windows, Mac or iOS. It’s basically available on any operating system that you use. The setup is easy to perform. And the download is fast.

Like all the good things in life, it’s not for free. You have to pay a small subscription fees like you would for any other VPN for gaming. But in case you change your mind or don’t like their service, they offer you a 30 days money back guarantee.


Invisible Browsing VPN or ibVPN

ibvpnInvisible Browsing VPN or ibVPN is yet another VPN for online gamers. It has a number of packages for you to choose from.

Depending on what type of internet user you they’ll offer you with a service package.

For example, you are a heavy gamer. You need to have a secure, ultra-fast, and unlimited connection to the internet. Then, the Ultimate VPN package is made for you.

Are you an online gamer who likes to spend his/her free time playing games? And you mostly send no more than a few hours on games? Then, maybe the Total VPN package will suit your needs.

Apart from these, they offer two more deals. Each package requires you to make yearly payment. And each comes with the feature of unblocking restricted sites and downloading content from torrent.


So, gamers are you ready then to make your gaming experience a better one. Then make your way to these safe havens and unleash your inner furious gamer. Because now, you can surf safe, secure and fast!