Best gaming VPN in Australia

Some of the most popular gaming tournament around the world as hosted on LAN as it removes the element of lag and speed limitation. There are internet service providers that are offering unreal speeds on their networks, however, for gamer, the connectivity is never good enough. However, there are gaming VPN’s that offer their services now a days ensuring that the users are safely connected and are enjoying the multiplayer games.

A use of a VPN for gaming is recommended because it ensures a constant high speed. Many of the games that are being developed today have very high requirements and if the user is getting lag because of their network, the game sort of loses its charm on the gameplay. However, with the use of a VPN for gaming, this can all be avoided.

Another important benefit of using a VPN for gaming is that it allows you access to content that has not been made available in your country. By this process, you can download the early released versions of games that are available only in a few countries. A relevant benefit is that patches are often released first in certain locations before they are made available worldwide, by using a VPN, you can easily access those patches.

Your systems are protected from any sort of DDOS or any other type of attacks. This allows you to protect your gaming account which you have built after spending valuable hours in the gaming world.

If you have now understood the benefits of using a VPN for gaming, comprised below is a list of a few VPN services that are considered to be the best around when it comes to gaming.

Nord VPN, is one of the most popular gaming VPN’s as it is considered to be the best. They have their servers placed all over the world and are ensuring constant high speeds throughout the time you are connected to any of their servers. Nord VPN is also known to have a very good customer support department. We recommend it as the best gaming VPN service for Australia.

IP Vanish is another one of the top VPN gaming services out there. Their network of servers is spread across 60 different countries and they are constantly keeping these up to date with the latest releases. IP Vanish is known for the quality of their service as they guarantee high-speed connectivity.

Boleh VPN may not be a popular name in comparison to the other two names mentioned above. However, they are known to provide dedicated servers for specific games like CS 1.6, Team Fortress, Call of Duty. Apart from hosting dedicated servers for these games, they offer for you to request a dedicated server for a specific game and they will try their best to set it up for you. The only drawback about their service is that their network is not as spread as the other two names mentioned.

There are various ways to determine which VPN service is to be considered the best. You can always check the connectivity speed, ping status, device computability and of course the location of their servers which determines which countries they are offering to connect to through their network.