Your Virtual Private Network for Gaming

 What Are The Benefits Of Using A VPN For Gaming?

VPN Benefits
Have you heard of VPN? You may think it as a service that changes your IP address so that you can gain a level of anonymity and privacy. No, that’s proxy service.

A VPN is a service that connects the user with the internet using a secure tunnel, like a proxy service. But the point of difference between them is the encryption. VPN provides its users with an encrypted passage for the data transfer between his/her PC and internet.

So, what’s in it for gamers? VPN has a lot to offer, and most of it is what gamers are interested in.

Fast connection at your disposal

FastConnectionA super-fast connection I should say. The most amazing feature of a VPN is the ultra-fast connection it provides to its users.

Imagine a world free of lag and high pings. Seems impossible? Especially when you’ve got all those advanced, graphic loaded games. Ordinary internet connection cannot support it. But if you use VPN, this fantasy comes true.

What about the ever-present threat of disconnection? How many times you have lost the connection with the server just when you were about to teach your enemy a lesson of his life? Too many….

That’s another way VPN can be helpful for an online gamer. No disconnections in the middle of an exciting game.

And what about the problem where your boss, teacher or landlord refuses to allow you to play online games? They fear the limited bandwidth.

Using a VPN removes this restriction as well. If you’re connected to the internet through a VPN, you’d get access to unlimited bandwidth. That’s’ why they have so many powerful servers on their network.

Moreover, the anonymity would ensure that no one will ever know that you played online games. Not that we encourage breaking the rules. But whoever got hurt of some online gaming?

Security at its height

SecurityYou can place as many firewalls as you want between you and those nasty hackers. And they would assure you to the point of blind trust.

You’d believe with all your heart that there’s no way you’re going to lose your precious gaming information. No one can dare touch your money. Your account being compromised is a thing of the past.

But what a disappointment it is to see that massive, seemingly flawless and foolproof firewall crumble into nothingness in the face of expert hackers. Admit it. You’ve been there and lived the nightmare.

With a VPN, this dream can come true for you and for any other gamer. Whether he/she is new to it or a pro-gamer. What else can you expect from an encrypted communication?

A VPN basically builds a tunnel, a safe one between you and the game. It’s kind of like proxy. But a VPN provides encrypted transmission of data. With that, you can be free from those prying eyes.

The entire session is encrypted. And in case you accidently close the site you’re accessing, the VPN shuts it down immediately before anyone can use that information. So, you see how intelligent a VPN is?

Then, there is the added benefit of having no records of your data anywhere in the world. This makes your surfing more secure.

Did you know that VPN is now being encouraged by popular gaming sites that offer gaming competitions around the world? Of course, they are. You can never get enough layers of security from those ever increasing DDoS attacks especially in sports event.


AnonymousRest assured when using a VPN that no one will know your real identity. So, you can play all day long without your landlord noticing a thing. A VPN switches your IP address with a foreign one so that you can surf as much as you want as an anonymous person.

How does it help your online gaming experience? With anonymity at your side, cyber-thieves tend to ignore you. Or at least get confused about your whereabouts and accounts.

A more immediate advantage of having access to a foreign IP address comes into play when you realize that some of the gaming sites offer lower rates in specific countries. To avail the lowest prices, all you have to do is change your location!

It works on every software

WinOSLinAnother feature of a VPN is that you get to download the software right on your modem. So, it’s a modification on your ISP/ what does that mean?

Whenever you connect any of your devices to the internet provided by that specific modem, that device also gets a share of the VPN. So, you can play all the games without worrying about security and restrictions on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

No separate installation is required on each of your connected devices. This saves storage space as well. Then, the software is compatible for a variety of operating systems.

You can run it on mac, windows, android and iOS. So, enjoy safe and secure gaming experience on all operating systems.

Freedom from geo-restrictions on the internet

GeoRestrictionsHave you missed out on the new Xbox demos? Was it because you live in a region where you are not allowed to avail it? Unfair right?

VPN can give you a different IP address. You can get one that belongs to the country where your favorite game is available. This way, you’ll never miss another wonderful game just because of your location.

Moreover, you can use the VPN to play the latest games before your friends. How? Well, by using the IP of a country where the game launch is scheduled earlier than yours. Staying ahead of times has never been this easy!

Just a few words of caution before you begin your journey. Make sure the VPN you’re getting is secure and well-reputed.

Don’t fall for cheap or free of cost VPNs as they might be using your information and keeping track of your web history. It’s worth it to spend a few bucks on a reliable provider than wasting your time and energy on some fraud website.


So, when are you trying out a VPN? Check these VPN providers:

 FeaturesPriceMultiple connections 
nordvpnDouble data encryption
No-logs policy
Automatic kill switch
P2P welcome here
24/7 live support
Bitcoin accepted
6Visit site
cactusvpn 256 bit AES encryption
30-days money back guarantee
24/7 customer support
3Visit site
expressvpnLarge number of servers
No Log Keeping
Operates out of the British Virgin Islands
24/7 live support
2Visit site


What Are The Features Of Best VPN For Gaming?

JoystickOkay, so you’ve finally decided to use a Virtual Private Network. Needless to say, you already know its benefits. Probably faced something serious that made you realize how important a VPN is for an online gamer.

You might have gone through a severe lag. Or, the speed of your internet connection might have reduced you to play AI matches only. It’s no fun if you can’t beat a real opponent. Or was it high pings? Nobody lets you in because of that issue. Or maybe it was the latency? Kills the whole gaming experience…doesn’t it? Or your account must have been compromised. Ouch! Months of hard work gone just like that!

So, are you looking for a VPN now? But there are so many of them to choose from. Which one is better?

Can’t make up your mind? I think it would be easier to take the decision if you knew the features that make up a great VPN. A good VPN should:


Have state of the art security measures

The first thing to look for in a good VPN is a high-tech and state of the art security system. There’s simply no benefit of using a VPN if you can’t even have that because if it is just about a speedy connection, even a public Wi-Fi can give you that.

So, search out what kind of security measures the VPN is offering you before choosing it. A good security measure should be something like NordVPN is providing. They offer a double encrypted data transfer that keeps it as secure as it can be.

At this point, you can check out what protocol the given VPN is using. Is it SSL/TLS or PPTP or IPsec? Each has its own pros and cons.

Then, you should also make sure that the website or software isn’t keeping track of your web history. They should have a no log policy, otherwise your security is under question. If you want to get NordVPN, go to their vpn download page.


Keep your privacy as the top priority

PrivacySecurityIf the VPN you’re interested in lays no or low emphasis on your privacy then you’ve got to choose some other VPN.

Your privacy is crucial and is intertwined with your security. After all, how can you trust them if their main objective is to provide you with an anonymous identity and no more?

In the gaming world, there are too many clever hackers on the lookout for easy prey. To ensure you’re not one of their victims, your VPN should provide you with a completely private access to the internet.

No one should be able to spy on your activities. No one should be keeping a track of your search history. And if for some reason your system fails, the VPN should be smart enough to shut down all your websites instantly.



CheapNow that I think about it, maybe it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for an ideal VPN.

It’s a good measure to compare different VPNs. A good VPN would provide you with all the best services but also be within your range. Compare the prices and features of every VPN you find. Then, base your decision on it.

The VPN should also be available on all of your devices. After all, you’d want the complete experience if you’re paying for it.

After all is said and done, it does come down to the price. So, it’s always a good idea to take a look at it.

You’d find that some VPNs are free of cost. But they have their own disadvantages. But depending on the nature of usage, one of these might just work out for you.


Easy to use

EazyToUseNext, thing you need to look at is the level of ease the VPN offers. Of course, if you’re already used to it then you can easily handle the advanced and more complicated VPNs. But if you were then you wouldn’t need to go through this list, right?

So for the gamers that are just starting to use a VPN, a user-friendly software is one of the top most requirements. The services of the VPN should be just a click away, like NordVPN’s.

There shouldn’t be long, hard-to-get procedures to get what you want. It should be quick and simple. So that even those of us, who are not that tech savvy, can use it easily.


Provide you with ultra-fast connection anywhere on the globe

Ah! The point which changes everything for a gamer is speed. What with all those fancy, 3D, multiplayer games at your disposal. You need to get the ultra-fast connection to run those things.

You simply can’t afford a slow, sluggish connection. What’s the fun in that?

So, make sure you check how many servers they have on board. And see what speed they can offer you in real time. Reading reviews by users can help you find out the truth as many VPNs will try to keep you from it.

Next, check if you can get the service in your region. It doesn’t do well, if you make up your mind to go for a certain VPN and even arrange for the subscription only to find out that it’s not available in your country.

So, go through this entire list of 5 things a good VPN should have. See if one hits all of these features. Did that already?

I guess not a single one got the perfect scores. That’s completely okay. Every VPN has a different objective. And none of them can provide as much.

So, what do you do now? Choose the one which serves your purpose the best. Surely, out of these five things some would be more important to you than the rest. Find out which VPN can give you those.

Remember, it’s not a perfect world. So, the only way to be satisfied is to give a priority level to each of your requirement. Then, if one VPN can give you at least 3 of them, then go for it!

Happy gaming! Surf safe!